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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be applied to countless of business and personal security scenarios. Mainly, VPN allows the transmission of data through a secured and encrypted tunnel to prevent data leakage, intrusion, and data monitoring by unscrupulous individuals. VPN is typically used to mask and create anonymity when accessing websites over the internet. While many people may think VPN is very technical terms for end user to utilize, with our Free Online VPN accounts, it becomes extremely simple and eazy.

As a giveaway to those who are not knowledgeable in setting up their personal virtual private network, here we offer several free VPN services online that anyone can use. Everyone is welcome to use the commercial grade VPN connections without complicated configurations in your computers, tablets or smartphones.

Location VPN Server Protocol Username Password
US - Illinois - Chicago PPTP 2444
US - Illinois - Chicago PPTP 2013
CA - Montreal - Quebec PPTP 7266
UK - England - London Coming soon PPTP N/A
NL - N. Brabant - Eindhoven Coming soon PPTP N/A

Users of this service, however, need to choose a reliable and trusted VPN service that will not retain their users or customers’ web surfing activities and transactions as it will only defeat the purpose of using VPN. One thing to check for a VPN service is the location of their servers. This would be very useful when it comes to looking for a geographical-specific IP address whereby the user is trying to access a website content that is restricted to his country or region.

A few other things to scrutinize when choosing a VPN service provider is the communication protocols (ex. SSL/TLS,PPTP,L2TP, SSTP) and network service speed and latency. Perhaps for some, the price of the service is also another factor to consider when choosing a VPN service. Nevertheless, there are free VPN services out there only that the internet user has to gauge for what purpose it will be used for. Especially for gaming, internet users will have to opt for the paid service where speed is important.

Note: No illegal activities allowed when using the Free VPN service. In case of abuse, users' VPN access log and HTTP header info are subjected to expose to related investigation agencies or authorities.

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